Winter Emergency Auto Glass Repair

Although COVID-19 seems to have turned the world upside down in many ways this year, one thing remained constant: the changing seasons. It is now November, as hard as that is to believe, which means shorter days and longer evenings as well as brisker mornings and chillier nights. With the temperatures now reaching below freezing in some areas, taking care of your vehicle and its glass has never been more important.

Cold Temperatures Can Hurt Your Windshield

Whether you are commuting to work or the car remains parked in the driveway, a small crack or chip (any sign of damage on your windshield) can get increasingly worse with lowering temperatures. In fact, when it is extremely cold outside, a windshield becomes less resilient. This means that any existing damage will spread faster leading to an increased chance that the glass might crack or shatter. The best way to prevent additional damage or a more expensive repair is to correct the issue before it worsens.

Peace of Mind is Priceless

Are you unsure if your vehicle has a chip or crack as opposed to merely a scratch? An inspection performed by a professional auto glass technician can provide you with peace of mind. A Glass America technician can come to you, wherever that may be. During the mobile visit, they can determine if you need a simple repair or a total windshield replacement. Whatever the result is, it is painless and crucial. Your car’s windshield is not just there to keep the rain or snow out, it is a critical safety component for your vehicle’s passengers. The best way to keep yourself and your family safe is to have an intact windshield that is properly installed. A damaged windshield is compromised, which could be fatal in the event of an unfortunate accident.

Glass America’s Convenient Mobile Service

This year has had many uncertainties – but your safety on the road should not be one of them. Glass America understands how difficult it can be to leave your home these days. Between working remotely and virtual schooling your children, it is difficult to even get out to the grocery store. And now with winter upon us, it’s yet another factor that makes leaving the house a hassle. With our convenient mobile service, we come straight to you – no matter how far or remote you may be in the continental US.

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