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Share the Road with Motorcycles Safely: Our Top Tips

Sunny days and warmer weather welcome the onset of Spring, as do herds of happy motorcyclists who are excited to get back on the roads. Flying down the highway with the wind in your face can be a liberating feeling but it’s important to remember driving safety tips on how to share the road with…
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Stop Texting & Driving: Get the Facts on Texting & Driving

Each year, almost a half million people are killed or injured in traffic accidents attributed to texting and driving. As technology continues to advance, the dangers of mobile devices serving as driving distractions increase. Texting and driving increase the chances of an accident by twenty-three times. A driver takes his or her eyes off of the…
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Driving While Distracted: Here’s How to Avoid Being a Distracted Driver

Technology has become so advanced and multitasking so common that the combination is hard to avoid, even while driving. Texting or scrolling through social media feeds has become a popular pastime for all ages but this new trend endangers drivers when it happens while they’re behind the wheel. April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month sponsored…
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