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How to Remove Snow Properly from Your Windshield


During the winter months, especially if you live in polar climates, removing snow and ice from your windshield becomes a part of your daily routine. Of course, like anything, there are correct and incorrect ways to do so. In every kind of maintenance you do for your windshield, you want to be sure to avoid scratching, cracking or chipping the glass. As you can imagine, any one of these things is likely when the glass has reached a freezing point – it is very sensitive. The question is, what is the proper way to remove snow from your windshield?

To Scrape or Not to Scrape?
You may scrape, yes – but do so gently. However, you should never – and we mean never, pour hot water on the ice-covered windshield. The sudden temperature change can actually cause the glass to crack or shatter. At the same time, do not try to “crack” the ice with a key or screwdriver, all this does is chip away at the ice and the glass. This is why scraping is better.

The art of scraping ice comes in the tool and the method. You need to use the ridged side of a plastic ice scraper. Because this contraption is made for this purpose, it is gentle on the glass, but hard on the ice. We do not recommend using any other tool. Next, you need to make vertical slashes down the window and then scrape across the window surface to break the ice into chunks.

Snow vs. Ice
In some cases, there is snow on top of the frozen layer of ice. If that is the case, use a snow brush. Yes, once again, there is a tool for this, but you can also use a standard broom. The key here is to brush the snow away from the glass, revealing the ice layer below. Then, make vertical slashes down the window and then scrape across the window surface to break the ice into chunks.

There is no reason to fret this winter. Unless you can keep your car indoors or place a cover over the windshield, snow and ice are inevitable. Thankfully, there is always a solution. That being said, if the harsh cold weather has actually caused some damage to your windshield, it is best not to move from your driveway.

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