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Category Archives: Windshield Safety

Semi-Truck Windshield Replacement Near Me

Who isn’t all about convenience? If one has the option to pick a route or service that makes life a little bit easier and less stressful, who would say no to that? Knowing this, Glass America adopted an incredibly convenient model in their business structure: mobile service. Of course, this does not just benefit someone…
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Winter Windshield Replacement

It is a brand new year, which can feel like the perfect opportunity for a lot of change. However, the one consistent thing with this time of year is cold temperatures. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, you and your vehicle need to begin preparing for some cool, and sometimes even arctic, temperatures. In…
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Glass America Gifting

It’s the holiday season which means thinking of gifts for family, friends and even co-workers. In the spirit of not being wasteful, the best kinds of gifts are the perfect marriage of thoughtful and practical. For the individuals you see every day but are not in your closest friend group, there is a science to…
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How to Remove Snow Properly from Your Windshield

During the winter months, especially if you live in polar climates, removing snow and ice from your windshield becomes a part of your daily routine. Of course, like anything, there are correct and incorrect ways to do so. In every kind of maintenance you do for your windshield, you want to be sure to avoid…
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