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Protect Against Summer Windshield Damage

Windshields are a vital safety component of your vehicle. Protecting you from the outdoor elements, a broken windshield can be incredibly dangerous and expensive. In order to prevent any damage, there are certain precautions you can take this summer to avoid repair bills and ensure the safety of yourself and your passengers. Keep Your Distance…
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Cracks are Whack: The Top 10 Reasons Why Windshields Crack

Windshield repairs can be a hassle, especially if you put off fixing the damage. A windshield crack can get bigger and impossible to repair over time, so it’s best to seek repairs as soon as the damage occurs. Avoiding road conditions that can lead to windshield damage is the safest and most convenient option. We…
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Tips for Taking Care of Your Windshield in the Winter

Hurdling into the winter season is much safer with a clear reliable sturdy windshield. The vast majority of drivers in cold climates wake up early in the morning to find a fierce layer of frost covering the car windshield and side and rear windows. More often than not, this happens only when we have just…
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