My car was broken into last night and I called Allstate to set up an appointment to get my glass replaced . They in turn called Glass America. I spoke to a woman named Jessica who had told me that they could not have somebody out here until tomorrow. However, she was somehow able to find somebody to do the replacement today and contacted me to let me know that Josh was on his way. I am a caregiver of a high-risk child and when I spoke to Josh he was very helpful. I left my spare keys in the glove compartment for him, and he assured me that he would wear gloves and use cleaning wipes after he was done. He even vacuumed up all the glass in the car, put my car keys back into the glove box and then sent me a message when he was done. I just went out to my car and I could not be more pleased with the service that I received from your company today. I would highly recommend you to anyone based on how I was treated. Jessica and Josh went above and beyond what anybody could expect during this Covid-19 outbreak. Not only was I pleased with how fast things were done, how clean my car was but also the care that was taken in keeping my family safe. If I had anything to say about your company, I would say that Glass America has a heart! Thank you again!

Sue, CT

Technician went above normal job to help me out THANKS

Norban Jacobson J, San Antonio, TX

Other than my switch got broken, very satisfied customer.Thanks again

Brian Townsend T, Merrillville, IN

Dave is an outstanding employee

Charles L, Buffalo, NY

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