Family Night: Drive-In Movies

For months, we’ve held our breath to see when the pandemic would end and our daily activities could return to normal. Sadly, that has not quite happened yet, and our nation is still in the process of reopening. That being said, our favorite daily activities are getting a facelift. That’s right – things like going to the movies are no longer canceled. Instead, it’s like taking a time machine to the 1950s because drive-in movie theaters are making their comeback.

Drive-In Movies in the US

Currently, there are 325 active drive-in movie theaters in the United States. This may sound like a lot, but did you know there were more than 4,000 back in the 1950s? Who knows, more and more cities may start to follow suit, as they increase in popularity. In the meantime, are you curious to find out if there is a drive-in theater near you?

By visiting, you can choose your state and see if there is a drive-in movie theater near you. From all four corners of the contiguous United States, drive-in theaters are waiting to be enjoyed. Washington State has a total of 5 theaters, while California has 16; New York has 28, while Florida has 7. Likewise, every state in between has any number of theaters – some that were even permanently closed and are now turning their screens back on and others are opening where stadiums holding sporting events are otherwise going unused.

Safety First

It should come as no surprise that drive-in theaters would have this incredible resurgence in 2020. As we try to uphold social distancing guidelines and acknowledge that alfresco activities are safest, something like outdoor movies is a natural choice. A drive-in movie outing can keep your family entertained AND get them out of the house, all while keeping them safe from COVID-19. It’s absolutely a win-win and a memory maker.

As you plan your family’s next outing to a drive-in movie theater, make sure your windshield is in tip-top shape. Now is the perfect time to repair any chips, replace any cracked glass, and give the car a good wash. You do not want anything obstructing your view of the giant screen in front of you.

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