Auto Industry Consumer Trends 2020


A car purchase is an investment. In many cases, when someone goes car shopping, they are thinking of their mode of transportation for the next five to ten years. This means that understanding what matters most to consumers is very important when manufacturing a car or owning a car-related service business.

For instance, are they concerned about space or accessibility? Do they have a large family or are they single? Do they enjoy road trips or just need a commuter vehicle? All of these questions will help a car buyer narrow down the type of vehicle they might like to purchase. In the grander scheme of the modern consumer, what are some auto trends that we’ll be seeing more of in 2020?

1)Quality is more important than affordability

Today, consumers are more willing to spend a little more money if it means they do not need to spend more later on repairs and replacements.

2)More options in sustainability and renewable energy

Americans are demanding more options from the hybrid and electric vehicle industry. Since they are behind the wheel for a lot of the day most of their lives, they want to make significant moves in reducing their carbon footprint.

3)Friendly customer service matters

Consumers are done with mistreatment. Kindness and hospitality are important attributes in a customer service position – particularly in a service-related industry, friendly customer service is key for customer retention. This is no different when it comes to navigation and voice control systems in cars.

4)Predictive maintenance to prevent long repair timelines

If cars are getting smarter, should they not be able to tell you when something is not functioning at full capacity? This technology allows drivers to correct potential issues before they occur. In doing this, they minimize the amount of time their vehicle may need to stay in a repair shop.

5)Personalized driving experiences

Imagine a world where the seat, rearview mirrors, and even the temperature of the vehicle automatically changed for each driver. This is becoming more of a reality with advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

6)Smart windshield technology for better accessibility

Smart glass advancements are no longer a dream, they are much more of a reality. With a touch of a button, a driver is able to control the amount of sunlight streaming through their vehicle or easily defrost it in the winter. You have to love the rain sensors that automatically turn on your windshield wipers at the first smattering of raindrops and the back-up camera displays on your windshield for safety back-ups allowing the driver to keep their head up and have a view of front and back of the car.  These improvements and advancements are a definite trend in 2020 – meaning auto glass repair will advance and improve alongside it and require calibration of these enhancements when you have a windshield replacement.

7)Greater connectivity

We all love to have everything accessible in the palms of your hands. Our smartphones are now our credit cards, IDs, banks, grocery stores, etc. If we spend so much time in our cars and are safely avoiding grabbing our cell phones, it comes to no surprise that drivers are expecting cars to come with their apps ready to sync to their Cloud.

8)Data Security

With greater connectivity comes the need for greater data security in smart car technology.

 9)Shorter Model Cycles

Model cycles used to update every five to eight years. However, as vehicles become reliant on advancements in technology, we are going to see the need for new models within one to two years.

10)2020: The year of self-driving cars?

Experts are predicting that 2020 will be the year that more and more drivers become passengers as their cars begin to drive themselves. This is definitely a trend worth watching!

2020 might just be as futuristic as it sounds. Car technology will begin to execute concepts we have not seen since the Jetson’s – ideas that we thought were too fictionalized to be true. When it comes to purchasing your next car, as a consumer, it is important to know what matters most to you, and then knowing where you are best supported.  When it comes to windshield repair or replacement, all Glass America technicians are certified by the Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC) and are equipped with the latest in windshield technology and calibration.

If you need to inspect your vehicle’s windshield or schedule a repair, contact your local Glass America today!