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Thanksgiving Road Trips

Thanksgiving probably looks a little different this year. That’s okay – your sacrifice to keep your neighbors (whether you have ever met them or not) safe does not go unnoticed. We must stick together, and in time, this will be a memory of sacrifice and comradery that got us to a healthier tomorrow. That said,…
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Winter Emergency Auto Glass Repair

Although COVID-19 seems to have turned the world upside down in many ways this year, one thing remained constant: the changing seasons. It is now November, as hard as that is to believe, which means shorter days and longer evenings as well as brisker mornings and chillier nights. With the temperatures now reaching below freezing…
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Windshield Repair vs. Windshield Replacement?

Does your windshield have a chip that is starting to look like a crack? Is it hard to tell if the chip is minor or serious? Did that tiny, inconsequential chip turn into a crack recently? OR, do you just have several small chips and no cracks on your windshield? The thing is, it might…
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What Adventure Will You Take This Thanksgiving?

This may come as no surprise, but more than 60 million Americans will be traveling a distance over 50 miles for Thanksgiving this year. Of that number, 89% of families will be doing so via a road trip. The holiday season is one that brings families together - as close as a 9- by 6-foot…
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