Treat Your Windshield Right – It can be Fragile at Particularly Low Temperatures

Treat Your Windshield Right at Low Temperatures

Windshields are created to endure a lot. Car owners need to pay special attention to their windshields during winter. When frigid weather hits an area, windshields, like other glass products, are cold-stressed and hence damage easily. There is a common misconception that cold weather, in itself, plays a factor in the formation of cracks in windshields. In reality, cold weather works as a catalyst that can make an existing chip or crack more severe.

Windshield chips and cracks that were noticeable before the temperature dropped will grow rapidly. This happens mainly because debris and moisture in the crack expands as it freezes – the faster the expansion, the faster you will notice more damage. Our technicians can repair minor chips and cracks in your windshield before the cold weather sets in to ensure your windshield remains intact.

Why Windshield Cracks Grow Quickly in Freezing Weather

Freezing temperatures are accompanied by frost on the windshield that needs to be removed, appropriately, before setting out on the roads. Defrosting your windshield seems easy in theory, but there is a right way and a wrong way to defrost, safely and effectively. When the car's interior windshield begins to grow warm from the car's heater, freezing temperatures on the outside can cause the crack to spread rapidly.

A driver may damage the windshield or the windshield wiper blades and assembly by doing the following things:

  • Defrosting the car's glass with hot water
  • Using the windshield wipers on high to scrape frost from the windshield
  • Chopping or stabbing the windshield with an ice scraper while removing icy patches

Indeed, car owners can usually use the defroster without any negative consequences. However, in subzero temperatures, a defroster that warms things up too quickly will stress the glass, which may result in a cracked windshield.

No matter how durable a windshield is, it is still glass. Just as an ice-cold drinking glass may crack if exposed to hot water, or another heat source, a windshield can crack due to the defroster’s heat, and this is most likely to occur if the windshield already has cracks. For these reasons, windshield repair is very important before or during freezing weather. Let Glass America save you the time and money of a full windshield replacement by making repairs to minor damage before the problem gets worse.

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