Auto Glass Replacement for Side and Vent

Auto glass replacement

The windshield may be the largest auto glass on your vehicle, but it’s certainly not the only auto glass on your car or truck that can be damaged. Side windows and vent windows are equally susceptible to chips and cracks, and require proper installation to guarantee appearance and functionality. When the side or vent windows are broken, it’s important to seek immediate replacement to secure your vehicle from unruly weather as well as from potential theft.

Glass America can replace all types of auto glass on your vehicle with quality glass parts, providing a quick and permanent solution to satisfy your needs. Temporary solutions, such as cardboard and other makeshift patches with the all-purpose duct tape, will not protect your possessions within the vehicle nor the vehicle’s interior itself. Ride on the safe side and call our expert technicians who can answer your questions and schedule an appointment, at your convenience.

Free Mobile Service

In order to deliver the best possible side or vent replacement service for your vehicle, we offer convenient mobile installation at a time and place that works for you. With our free mobile service, we bring the repair shop to your home, workplace or any desired location, eliminating the hassle of taking time out of your day to drive to the shop and wait on your replacement.

Our customer service group is committed to offering convenient scheduling, including evening and weekend appointments. Same day scheduling is even available if you call early in the morning.

Experienced and Trained Auto Glass Replacement Technicians

Damaged auto glass on the side and vent windows warrants a full replacement and cannot be repaired. Our highly-trained technicians take part in continuing education, using the safest, most advanced methods for auto glass installation.

Steps Involved in Side or Vent Window Replacement

The guide below walks you through the steps involved in an auto window replacement:

  1. Conduct an assessment of the damage.
  2. Remove the door panel to access the existing glass.
  3. Insert a new side or vent window glass.
  4. Ensure proper window functionality through regulator testing.
  5. Vacuum debris and broken glass from the interior of your car and clean the auto glass on the vehicle.

Our technicians typically complete side or vent auto glass replacement in an hour or less, getting you back on the road quickly and safely.

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