Planning Ahead: Road Trip Adventures

Road Trip Planning

Just in time for summer, cities are cautiously reopening and encouraging some domestic travel. The US economy certainly took a hit because of COVID-19 and your family may have been directly impacted by closures and limitations. That said, domestic travel is a way to escape and relax without breaking the bank – it also helps boost the economy. Are you planning to take a summer road trip with the family? If so, here is how you can properly plan ahead for road trip adventures.

Step 1: The Game Plan

The most important step is talking through the trip with your family. What do you prefer – a quicker arrival via highways or the scenic route? How frequently does the driver plan to stop? Are you packing snacks or eating meals at restaurants throughout the trip. Where will you be staying – hotels, campsites, vacation rentals, or at the home of a friend or family member? With the proper expectations and planning in place, there will be fewer distractions once you hit the road.

Step 2: Inspection Time

Before getting on the road, especially after having an idle car for several weeks or months, it is important to do a proper inspection of your vehicle. How are your tires? Does your windshield need repair or replacement? How are the brakes? Once your car gets the professional go-ahead or necessary corrections, you will have peace of mind.

Step 3: Pack!

On top of clothing, shoes, hiking equipment, and snacks – don’t forget to pack a physical map and a first aid kit. Unfortunately, you may find yourself in an area with little cell service or Internet connection. When this happens, your GPS can no longer guide you. Even if this seems unlikely for your trip, a physical map removes any possibility for error. We also recommend you pack a first aid kit for minor bumps and cuts that are often unavoidable.

Step 4: Map It Out

Finally, knowing what the trip will look like ahead of time will save you time once you’re on the road. Have you established that the scenic route is the way to go? Familiarize yourself with the highway names/numbers and the proper exits to make sure you don’t miss any of the great roadside attractions or popular picnic areas. Once you are driving, the roads will feel more familiar and the trip will be much more enjoyable.

You have done your due diligence to keep your family safe in our post-pandemic world while still trying to make some memories this summer so what else could you ask for? Wherever your road trip adventures take you, Glass America hopes you have a great time. If you run into any issues with your windshield along the way, you know who to call – we have locations across the country with mobile teams ready to assist you.