How Can You Spot a Bad Windshield Tech?

windshield tech
If you feel like you are often ripped off by your mechanic, you are not alone. It is a popular sentiment. However, when it comes to windshield repair there are certain standards that should, or even must be met.

To prevent real and perceived injustice when it comes to auto glass repairs and windshield replacements, educate yourself on the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards (AGRSS). Below are some clues to help you spot a bad windshield technician:

• A windshield technician is required to inform a customer of the Safe Drive-Away time BEFORE and AFTER an installation.
The Safe Drive-Away time is the amount of time the glue or adhesive used to install the windshield needs to set before it is completely dry. In some cases, the car only needs to be parked for about 30 minutes before a customer can drive, but in other cases, it is several hours. It is the customer’s right to know how long their waiting period will be prior to the installation.

• If a part is defective, the technician is required to not only notify the manufacturer but also the customer.
Not only should you, as the customer, be notified of the defective part, you must also be provided with solutions.

• If a door glass replacement cannot be properly done because of an Anti-Pinch Mechanism, the technician is required to inform the customer verbally and in writing.
The Anti-Pinch mechanism is a safety feature used in power windows. This is only relevant to passenger windows and not the windshield. Nevertheless, if the technician cannot properly reinstall windows with this mechanism and confirm proper operation, then they are required to inform you.

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