Prepare For An Emergency

Winter Emergency Car Kit Essentials

If you are stuck on the side of the road in winter weather, waiting on help can seem like a lifetime. One minute you’re cruising toward your destination in toasty heated seats, listening to holiday tunes and the next you’re stranded in below freezing temperatures with a hail cracked windshield. Glass America technicians offer mobile repair service at no extra cost and will come to your rescue if this happens to you.

Whether there’s snow falling or chilled winds are afoot we believe the best thing you can do is plan ahead by preparing your vehicle with an emergency kit for the winter. Bringing or wearing a hat, gloves and full winter attire while driving can also keep you comfortable on your journey. A winter emergency kit contains resources, such as those in the list below, that may come in handy to protect you and your family until help arrives.

Winter Emergency Car Kit Essentials

  • Ice scraper
  • Blankets and extra jackets
  • Gloves
  • Kitty litter, salt or sand to dissolve ice
  • Flashlight
  • Snow shovel (small/medium size)
  • Charged cell phone
  • Warning flares
  • Cloth/paper towels and window-washing solvent to ensure visibility through the windshield, back glass and side windows
  • Water bottles
  • Snacks such as chips, crackers or granola bars
  • Basic first aid kit

In the best-case scenario, you will be able to lock your vehicle and wait in a nearby coffee shop or restaurant with hot cocoa and welcoming warmth while awaiting assistance. Our certified technicians can resolve most repairs within thirty minutes. On the off chance you are stranded in the middle of nowhere because of a mechanical issue, you will be glad you thought ahead.

Over 1,259,000 weather-related motor vehicle accidents occur, annually, as reported by the US Department of Transportation (DOT). Knowing what type of tools to keep in your car and adhering to winter driving tips can help you avoid any seasonal discomfort and, in worst cases, winter wrecks. Just remember to keep your kit replenished so you don’t run low on supplies.

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