Toyota Highlander Windshield Recall

What are the products involved?

This recall involves certain replacement windshields manufactured by Wanda for 2014 – 2018 Toyota Highlander vehicles that were produced between September 7, 2015 and March 10, 2018, having any of the following part numbers: FW03878GTY, FW03380GTY, FW03881GTY, FW03882GTY, FW03883GTY, FW03884GTY, FW04155GTY, and FW04271GTY.

What is the problem?

The windshields have a wire harness that is sealed at the bottom of the windshields. The seal can break during manufacturing, assembly, handling, or vehicle use, resulting in water entering and traveling along the wire harness to the vehicle’s wiring and potentially causing corrosion or water damage that may impact the function of certain Toyota Highlander parts, including the ECM A43, which may prevent the vehicle from starting or cause the vehicle to stall or experience limited or no throttle response during operation. The loss of engine power or reduction or loss in throttle response could result in a vehicle crash with prior warning. Prior warning may include dashboard indicators being displayed for the power steering, traction control, oil, and/or battery, and “BRAKE” or “BRAKE OVERRIDE SYSTEM FAILURE” instrument panel messages.

How will Glass America help?

Glass America will provide a complimentary inspection of your vehicle by one of our certified technicians. In the event that your windshield has been affected, we will replace your windshield free of charge. Please schedule your appointment by filling in the form below.

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