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Winter Windshield Replacement

winter windshield replacement

It is a brand new year, which can feel like the perfect opportunity for a lot of change. However, the one consistent thing with this time of year is cold temperatures. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, you and your vehicle need to begin preparing for some cool, and sometimes even arctic, temperatures. In the same way that your skin and hair can be affected by this colder, drier climate and therefore, need special attention, your car also needs some TLC. In fact, your windshield can often feel the brunt of the cold weather and there are some things to look out for.

Winter Windshield
The harsh temperature change can absolutely harm your windshield – however, it has much more to do with how you treat it. The windshield is incredibly strong, intended to protect you and your passengers. That said, figuring out the best way to clear or defrost it will make all the difference between needing constant repair, and a healthy year-round glass.

1. Clean Your Windshield Often
Yes, dirt on the windshield gives moisture something to cling to. Because moisture is something you are absolutely trying to avoid these colder months, make sure to clean your windshield regularly.

2. Gradually Warm the Engine
We recommend to start at a colder temperature on the AC and gradually increase the heat. This gives the vehicle time to heat up and adjust from being cold to hot without causing a shock to the glass. If the heat is suddenly increased inside your vehicle, this could cause an already existing crack or chip to expand on your windshield. Try not to ramp up the defroster as well this could have the same effect.

3. Replace Your Wipers
When was the last time you replaced your windshield wipers? Having old or torn wipers can cause scratches or chips to the glass of your windshield and require a repair sooner. Replacing your wipers can help prevent this.

4. Invest in a Plastic Ice Scraper
Plastic ice scrapers help to reduce the ice on your windshield. Removing the ice fully, helps the driver has as much visibility as possible while driving. In addition, using another material for the scraper such as metal chisels or even screwdrivers can also cause premature chips and cracks to your windshield.
That said, things happen. If the harsh winter has already damaged your windshield, contact Glass America at (877) 220-1724 for a quick and easy repair or replacement. We offer FREE mobile service so you never have to leave your home or office for a service visit.

Remember, it is important to inspect your windshield frequently. Any chip or crack can lead to even bigger concerns, which compromises the safety of the driver and passengers.