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What Adventure Will You Take This Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving Road Trip To-Do List

This may come as no surprise, but more than 60 million Americans will be traveling a distance over 50 miles for Thanksgiving this year. Of that number, 89% of families will be doing so via a road trip. The holiday season is one that brings families together - as close as a 9- by 6-foot space. The key is not only being prepared by packing those pants with that extra stretch, but also making sure your car is ready for the long trip.

Thanksgiving Road Trip To-Do List

Whether you are traveling 3,000 miles from the tip of Florida to the end of Washington state or you are staying within state lines to visit nearby family, your car is about to do most of the heavy lifting. Ensuring your tank is full, oil has been changed, tires have been checked, and the windshield has been inspected should be number one on your to-do list. Any small mishap could absolutely ruin a vacation, so if you can avoid it by being proactive, you definitely should be. If your car has been fully checked out, your biggest concern will be how much food you can eat before feeling like you might explode, not a flat tire.

Thanksgiving Trip

A Thanksgiving trip is exactly what your family needs - a pre-Christmas/Hanukkah celebration where one can pause and be truly grateful to be surrounded by loved ones. Enjoy the meal, the football and reminiscing - it’s going to be a great night and long weekend. Where are you heading this Thanksgiving?

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