Weekend Road Trip Safety Tips

road trip safety tips

The last few warm weekends of the year are quickly approaching as fall season is just around the corner. This means road trips and plans for family vacation. With more cars than normal on the road, it is important to practice safe driving as back to school is in full swing. From checking under the hood to paying close attention to road signs, here are the top 10 safety tips to consider during your weekend road trip.

1. Obey Speed Limits
When driving, it is vital to pay attention to speed limits. The easiest and most efficient way to avoid accidents is staying alert and not driving over or under the limit.

2. Check the Weather
Before embarking on a road trip, be it short or long, take precaution by checking the weather beforehand. Accidents are more likely to occur from unanticipated rain. If it does begin to rain, remain calm and cautious while on the road.

3. Plan Ahead
If you know your destination, check Google maps and study the route. By having an idea of where you are headed, you can avoid distractions and remain alert to avoid unexpected accidents.

4. Do Not Text and Drive
Texting while driving is incredibly dangerous. Taking your eyes off the road means you run the risk of rear-ending the car in front of you, missing an exit or driving over the speed limit, among other possibly dangerous scenarios.

5. Never Make Assumptions
A driving rule of thumb: never assume the other drivers on the road are being cautious. A safe driver is someone who remains alert at all times.

6. Drive Defensively
Much like never assuming other drivers are being careful, you can go as far as assuming they are not. By thinking that they might make an unexpected move, you can actually anticipate it and avoid an accident. In addition, keep a 2-second (4 seconds during inclement weather) cushion between you and the car in front of you.

7. Buckle Up
You are much more likely to be injured in an accident if you fail to wear a seat belt. A safe driver takes all of the necessary precautions – particularly those that are required by law.

8. Take Breaks
Long-haul road trips may feel never-ending. This means you may want to drive as much as possible (within the speed limit) each day. However, taking breaks is absolutely necessary to avoid accidents. You cannot stay alert and attentive if you are drowsy.

9. Be Patient
Many accidents occur because of impatient drivers rushing to get to their destination. You are much more likely to rear-end another vehicle if you are tailgating or rushing the drivers in front of you. Exercising patience can keep you and your car from harm.

10. Prioritize Car Maintenance

Before beginning any road trip, it is important to take your vehicle to the “car doctor.” Have a professional check under the hood and above it. Everything from brakes, engines, and windshields should be inspected for damage or wear. At Glass America, our technicians can make a house call to check all of your car’s windows. If there are any chips or cracks, they can do onsite repairs or replacements to ease your mind and wallet.

Whether your road trip is a few hours or several days, it is important to exercise safe driving habits to ensure your safety and that of your family and other drivers on the road. The easiest and more assured way to avoid an accident is to be alert and awake – with a chip-free windshield.

If you would like to have your car inspected before your trip, contact your local Glass America today!