Turkey vs. Windshield & Holiday Road Trips

holiday road trips

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. That means thousands, if not millions, of families across the continental US, are taking road trips of all lengths to come together around the dinner table. The air is crisper, sweaters and scarves have been dusted off, and it is almost time to reflect on a year come and gone. Like any family road trip, it is crucial to exercise caution when hitting the road.

You may be going from warmer temperatures to cooler, roads may be icy and believe it or not, you may even need to avoid collisions with wild animals, like deer and turkeys. In 2017, Indiana saw several accidents involving wild turkeys . . . meaning you may spot one before you even make it to dinner. Do not fear, however, collisions of this sort are mostly avoidable by exercising caution and avoiding distractions. Make sure to be well-rested before getting behind the wheel and ask your passengers to do their best not to distract you.

That being said, no collision is truly intentional; accidents do happen. In the event you find you have damaged your windshield far away from home, Glass America provides services in 30+ states around the United States. Additionally, you can always file an insurance claim from anywhere and call a mobile Glass America technician to handle your windshield issue, even while you enjoy your holiday festivities.

When you use Glass America’s free mobile services, you can park your car in your relative’s driveway and help with meal prepping as a Glass America representative repairs your windshield before the trip back home.

This Thanksgiving season, do not fret over the small stuff. A damaged windshield should not ruin your festivities. The only thing to concern yourself with is whether or not you’re preparing a savory or sweet dish for the family! Contact Glass America and we’ll take care of the rest. We are committed to providing all of our customers with excellent customer service from beginning to end.

Happy Thanksgiving!