Things You May Not Know about Windshields

Things to Know about Windshields

Windshields are a critical part of any automotive vehicle. The largest and most important shield from the outside world, and the critical point of vision for those inside the vehicle, it is no wonder Glass America stresses the importance of addressing any chip or crack immediately. However, the importance of windshields goes far beyond its role as a barrier to keep flying insects out of your mouth. Below are some things you may not know about windshields:

Does tempered glass reduce injuries?
The simple answer is yes. Tempered glass, when broken, breaks into smaller, pebble-sized pieces which do not cause major injuries. Tempered glass is stronger than laminated glass but when tempered glass breaks, the entire glass will shatter into these tiny pieces, therefore it would not make sense to have a windshield made of tempered glass. Tempered glass is usually found indoor glasses and back glasses. Windshields are made of laminated glass which is two layers of glass with a strong piece of plastic (PVB) sandwiched in between.

Do windshields support your roof?
In fact, yes, windshields provide major roof support for your vehicle. Without a sturdy windshield in a roll-over accident, the roof would collapse and injure every passenger in the car. Windshields are an important feature to ensure the structural integrity of your vehicle. It is critical your windshield is at optimal safety and capacity.

Does my car insurance policy cover my windshield?
Windshields account for the vast majority of all automobile insurance claims. Windshield damage is common because most of the time it is exposed to the elements – i.e., during every drive – it runs the risk of being chipped, cracked, or broken. Glass America is approved by every automobile insurance company and we can help you get that claim filed quickly.

Whether you have an obvious crack or a possible chip, it is important to have your windshield or other auto glass inspected by experienced professionals. Any small damage can be catastrophic if left untreated.

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