Glass Design by Make and Model

Although a windshield is likely one of the most important features in a vehicle not found under the hood, many people do not even consider the thought and engineering that goes into windshield glass design. Contrary to popular belief, not all windshields are created equal. Although most are, in fact, made of laminated glass to prevent shattering after a collision, Continue Reading Continue Reading »

New Year, New Windshield Repair

A new year marks a new beginning; an opportunity to start fresh and anew. From reading at least one book a month to more traveling, there are a number of common resolutions that millions of people worldwide make. New Year’s resolutions are popular, although many of them are forgotten by the time February rolls around, reason enough that some should Continue Reading Continue Reading »

Latest Auto Glass Technology Trends in January 2019

A new year brings the prospect of new ideas and inventions. Technology has been rapidly improving with no signs of slowing down. Certainly, every industry has been positively affected by technological advancements, and the auto glass industry is no different. The latest auto glass technology trends for the first month of this new year include everything from Advanced Driver Assistance Continue Reading Continue Reading »

Get Prepared for the Cold Weather

The winter solstice and the official start of the winter season is December 21st, which means the cold weather is only just beginning. With snowfall and colder temperatures in our future, it is important to know how to prepare yourself and your vehicle to withstand the inevitable so you can get around safely on icy roads. Every vehicle has routine Continue Reading Continue Reading »

Give the Gift of a New Windshield

Time, use, and weather are all common causes for damage to a windshield. Long family road trips and heating your car too quickly when it’s below freezing outside can cause your windshield to crack over time. For the younger members of your family, checking a windshield for chips and cracks may not be common knowledge. In fact, any damage to Continue Reading Continue Reading »