Insurance Covers 100% of Windshield Costs in Many States

Monthly car insurance application form and money.

April has been a month filled with indoor activities, parents wearing many hats, and a whole lot of cabin fever. However, there are certain “outdoor” activities you can still check off your paused to-do list. A cracked or chipped windshield does not need to wait until you can return to work. We may not be part of anything happening outside the walls of our homes, but Spring can bring some storms that can really do damage to that parked car of yours.  Should that happen, you do not need to wait to call for a repair. A cracked windshield is a safety hazard. Understandably, fewer cars on the road may mean less possibility for an accident, but those that are there are probably speeding….just because they can, so it is not impossible. If it does happen, insurance can help.

Car Insurance Covers Windshield Replacement

Do not fret if you have gotten into a small accident on your way to the grocery store or pharmacy, or you followed too close to a dump truck spewing, small chips of gravel or you have gotten scratches from windswept branches.  None of this completely stops just because you are in quarantine. When these things do occur, it is vital to repair or replace your windshield right away. Thankfully, windshield replacement and repairs are often covered by insurance – in fact, no-deductible and up to 100% of the cost in many states.

To determine if your car insurance covers windshield repairs and replacements, you can simply call your provider or review the details of your policy on their website, if available. The laws vary from state to state, but since your windshield is a safety feature, many states have regulations that require car insurance providers to cover most, if not 100%, of repair costs. This means that although many Americans have their jobs on pause or have been laid off, they do not need to postpone a windshield repair or replacement because of a lack of funds. Right now, the only thing keeping your family safe is staying home and having safe personal transportation to and from grocery stores and other essential businesses. 

Glass America’s Safe Mobile Service

Once you know what your insurance covers, you can contact your local Glass America to schedule a safe mobile service visit. Mobile service is always FREE at Glass America but these days, our technicians are taking all of the required precautions based on the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) when repairing your windshield right in your very own driveway.

There is no need to delay this very important “to-do” any further.