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Global Automotive Glass Market and Your Windshield Repair

good glass versus bad glass

The global automotive industry is vast, as one might imagine. In 2017, vehicle sales hit 78.6 million. In the United States alone, 6.8 million passenger cars were sold to drivers in 2016. Similarly, the global automotive glass market size was calculated at $15.79 billion three years ago with projections of considerable growth in the following years. This is due to the number of car accidents that occur annually with more cars on the road and the increased awareness on how important it is to fix your windshield for overall car safety.

The forecast then was about the technological advancements in the glass industry. For one, making windshields out of stronger and lighter glass, which has occurred and continues to improve year after year. With windshields being the number one insurance claim in the United States at 30%, there is no doubt this industry continues to flourish and inspire ideas for improvement.

An automotive vehicle has a number of different pieces of glass – from the windshield to the rear window and passenger windows. Each of them has a different level of safety importance and function. This fact forces manufacturers to use different materials to craft the glass needed for vehicles on the market today. In fact, while rear and front side windows are made of tempered glass, windshields are made from laminated glass. Laminated glass differs in that when it breaks or shatters, you will not find pieces of broken glass on anyone after a collision. It is so durable, it can endure extreme impacts without shattering.

Because windshield sizes and shapes may differ from model to model, Glass America is well-versed in the many options available for your repair. In close communication with manufacturers, Glass America is always in the know regarding the latest updates, codes, and models on the market. If you are in need of an inspection or repair, contact your local Glass America today to make sure your car is as safe as possible!