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The most concise and descriptive definition of a first responder is a person with specialized training who is among the first to arrive and provide assistance at the scene of an emergency, such as an accident, natural disaster, or terrorism. Depending on the crisis, a first responder can look like any number of things. During a pandemic, first responders have been everything from healthcare workers to grocery store employees. For those who needed immediate and urgent repairs on their vehicles, mechanics have been their crucial first responders.

Glass America Thanks First Responders
Glass America honors first responders as we near the end of the fourth month of this pandemic within our borders. For every nurse and doctor, shop attendant, or repairman – we applaud you. Thank you for doing what others could not. Thank you for putting your personal lives on the back burner to help the greater masses. Thank you for being brave. Without first responders, our country can not heal. However long it takes, we trust you will always be there.

For first responders in need of car repairs for their commutes to hospitals, grocery stores, and pharmacies, Glass America has always been open. With social distancing guidelines respected, masks are worn and all other safety precautions are met, Glass America technicians come to you. We believe it is important to limit your exposure so that you can continue to fight the good fight. That is why we offer our service in a manner that means you do not need to leave your driveway.

Mobile Service is Open for Business
Now, as more and more businesses reopen, you might need to finally repair the car that was just sitting in your driveway for the last few months. Glass America’s FREE mobile service is available to anyone who needs it. We do not turn anyone away, as we consider your repairs vital and ourselves as an important team member in ensuring your safety.

Contact your local Glass America team to schedule your repair!