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Back to School Carpool

Back to School Carpool

It is that time of year again – back to school season is upon us! On top of buying brand new school supplies and new sneakers, back to school carpool schedules are being organized. The key to effectively transport children in the mornings and afternoons is to keep them safe and entertained. Check out these tips to guarantee you are the favorite parent in the back to school carpool lane.

Full Tank and Full Bellies

The most important step – long before the school year even begins, is to ensure your car is in great shape. From checking under the hood to getting that windshield crack checked, you can never be too careful. Before heading out each day, it’s always good to make sure your gas tank has enough gas to get you where you’re going for the day. You will have a car full of children very soon so you want to make sure you are prepared.

Once school has begun, remember to never forget snacks. Not only will children like a snack in the morning on their way to school but they will definitely enjoy some freshly cut fruit or crackers after a long day of school. The last thing you need is an irritable child distracting you with screams or tears because they are simply hungry.

At the same time, traffic laws in many areas change once school is back in session. Do not forget to pay attention to school zone speed limits and traffic signs, as well as bus stops in residential areas. There are a lot of changes once the school year begins again.

First Aid and Emergency Contacts

As a parent, you are probably well aware of how easily children can get scraped or bruised. Always be prepared with a handy first aid kit. The kit should include everything from bandages and antiseptic cream to disinfectant wipes. The thing is, you never know what you might need and it is best to be prepared.

In addition, you should draft an emergency contact list for every child and parent in your neighborhood. As parents take turns carpooling, there needs to be a quick and easily accessible list in case of an unexpected emergency. In fact, even if you do not carpool every child in your neighborhood, having the numbers of all of your neighbors can streamline communication in case of any localized emergencies.

Games and Gadgets

The best way to keep this generation occupied is with small screens and headphones. You can definitely have other car games or books available but if you are looking for quiet commuting, consider having small tablets and phones available for children. If you only have one tablet, stock up on headphone splitters, which allow two children to watch the same movie on the same tablet.

Back to school season is one of preparation and readjustment. Your children are not the only ones who have to adapt to new schedules and routines. You too will have to find the best routes to avoid traffic and the best times to leave your home or office for the pickups. For everything else, contact a specialist.

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