The Latest Car Technology: A Visual Progression

From horse carriages to self-driving cars, we have come a long way in transportation. Within the automotive industry itself, we have seen vehicles go from inaccessibly unaffordable to mass produced and in every driveway. The history of cars is an extensive and fascinating one. In the early twentieth century, Henry Ford invented the Model T car. Although Karl Benz invented Continue Reading Continue Reading »

Weekend Road Trip Safety Tips

The last few warm weekends of the year are quickly approaching as fall season is just around the corner. This means road trips and plans for family vacation. With more cars than normal on the road, it is important to practice safe driving as back to school is in full swing. From checking under the hood to paying close attention Continue Reading Continue Reading »

Car Maintenance: Everything You Need to Know

Cars are more than just a method of transportation to and from work. If cared for, a vehicle is your home during family road trips; the vehicle used to move your child into college; and if true care is given, it can turn into your new 16-year-old’s training wheels. A car holds memories, on top of ensuring your family is Continue Reading Continue Reading »