Where Does the Condensation Come from on My Car Windshield?

Morning dew on your windshield is not uncommon. This phenomenon is caused when the temperature inside and outside of the vehicle is different. Condensation outside of the vehicle is specifically caused when warm, moist air (typically in the early morning hours before your commute) condenses when it hits the car’s colder window glass. However, during the winter months, condensation can Continue Reading Continue Reading »

Back to School Carpool

It is that time of year again – back to school season is upon us! On top of buying brand new school supplies and new sneakers, back to school carpool schedules are being organized. The key to effectively transport children in the mornings and afternoons is to keep them safe and entertained. Check out these tips to guarantee you are Continue Reading Continue Reading »

Baby Car Seat Safety Tips

As a new or expectant parent, car seat safety is likely on the top of your list of research topics. What is the safest way to install the car seat? How do you know which size to purchase for your child? These are not only valid questions, but important ones. As children are still in their developing years, car seat Continue Reading Continue Reading »