Share Your Car with Us

Social media has become second nature in our world. There is little that happens in our day-to-day that is not immediately shared in a story or our feeds with a creative and detailed caption. Whether we have just bought a new outfit, gotten engaged, visited a new country, or bought a new car – there is little we do not Continue Reading Continue Reading »

We Believe in Building Community

Community is everything, especially after the isolating year we have had. Glass America believes in the importance of giving back and building up. Who would we be without our neighbors? This is why we believe it is so important to teach about car safety. Do you have a small child in the backseat in the carpool lane? Do you have Continue Reading Continue Reading »

Summer Plans Heating Up Your Vehicle

Summer is upon us! If the fact that it is June was not enough to signal this, the heat has certainly arrived. This means that escaping to water parks, hikes at higher elevations, and driving to nearby ice cream parlors are going to be more popular than ever. After we spent most of the summer at home in 2020, it Continue Reading Continue Reading »

Making Windshield Auto Glass: The Engineering Behind It

The first cars invented did not have windshields, which left drivers and their passengers exposed to the elements while wearing goggles. In time, engineers and manufacturers banded together to remedy this. The first windshields not only kept rain and debris out but also protected those in the vehicle with an extra layer of safety. Today, windshields do so much more Continue Reading Continue Reading »