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What Cold Weather Can Do to Your Windshield

A critical part of a car's safety system is the windshield. Despite car windshields being made of toughened glass, it is still susceptible to damage. For example, projectile objects, such as a small pebble or rock, can hit the windshield while the car is moving. If the windshield is hit with enough force, it can…
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Glass America only installs OEM Glass!

O.E.M. Glass Versus Aftermarket Glass? A world of difference! Advantages of Original Equipment Manufactured Glass Better Materials. OEM glass is made from the finest materials in the industry and the manufacturing process is subject to a much higher quality / performance criteria than generic glass. Better Workmanship. OEM glass is manufactured and installed to the…
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Understanding Windshield Repair?

Car Windshield Repair - Tips for Consumers While many services will try to downplay vehicle windshield repair as a minor fix easily addressed in a few minutes with sealant or windshield replacement, consumers should be aware of shoddy repair ramifications. Doing so could mean the difference in a serious car accident of walking away versus…
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