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 OEM glass may save your life

CHICAGO – Trying to save money in a tough economy?  While it may be tempting to get your windshield repaired for as little as possible, cheap repairs may actually end up costing you more in the long run. 

Some shops will lure customers in with the promise of waiving your deductible, but you’ll likely be trading cost for quality.  Your insurance company will most likely have already negotiated the lowest price possible for auto glass repairs.  Between the materials and equipment needed for repairs, auto glass shops operate on small profit margins already, so if they’re waiving your deductible, that cost has to be made up somewhere else. Though it may be less expensive to use a company that waives deductibles or uses inferior aftermarket products, the benefits of Original Equipment Manufactured (OEM) windshields and urethanes like those used at professionally trained companies like Glass America are well worth the price.
“There are differences not only in the process of how the glass is made, but there are differences in the glass itself,” said Bill George, the director of marketing for auto glass manufacturer Pilkington NSG.
OEM glass manufacturers use a special process that helps block UV rays, so your vehicle’s cabin won’t heat up as easily and you’ll save money due to less wear and tear and energy usage by your air conditioning unit.
Since it’s made specifically for your car, your wiper blades will have a perfect surface to glide across when you’re battling sleet or rain, increasing your visibility and safety as a driver. 
When your windshield fits correctly, it reduces water leaks and air noise.  Not only that, said George, the right fit is an essential component of safety.  “All aftermarket windshields sold in the U.S. are required by law to meet minimum safety standards, but not quality controls.  O.E. quality and performance specifications are much higher than generic glass,” he said.
All drivers should seek out auto glass shops that use OEM glass for their windshield replacements, said George.  “It is what they deserve, what they are paying for and what they believe they are getting,” he said.
Some companies may cut your price now by using inferior products to make a quick sale, but auto glass companies like Glass America uses OEM auto glass and urethanes while guaranteeing their workmanship for life. So while you may be rethinking your budget this year, don’t sacrifice quality when it comes to your windshield. Your safety depends on it. To learn more on how to choose an auto glass company, click here.
About Glass America
Glass America is one of the largest independently-owned automobile glass replacement and repair companies in the country.  Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Chicago, the company operates 73 service centers in 21 states under the names Glass America and Auto Glass Service.  They offer a complete line of auto glass repair and replacement services for commercial and passenger vehicles with both drive-in and mobile services.  All windshield installations meet the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards (AGRSS), have a one hour safe drive away time, and a national lifetime warranty.  In contrast to many companies, Glass America only buys glass from OEM (original equipment manufactured) suppliers to ensure the perfect fit, every time. For more information, please visit or call 1-800-634-5623.

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